Adopt a Dakota Showdown Horse

To adopt a Showdown horse, you need to know these things:

  • Horses will be available for adoption to approved adopters on August 13, 2023 at the Dakota Showdown Finale in Mitchell, SD, through a  bidding process. You do not have to be present to bid. If we are not using an online bidding service, you can bid via phone/message with a proxy assigned to you or by providing a minimum and maximum bid to a proxy in advance. 

  • Appointments to meet the horses will be available on August 12, 2023 in Mitchell, SD. We will contact approved adopters to set up appointments.

  • The horses have spent anywhere from 100-120 days with a professional trainer, and all had some handling prior. However, you need to be a solid intermediate rider for most of these horses and/or plan to have the horse continue training.With few exceptions, they will not be suitable for adopters without experience.
  • Approval allows you to bid. Approval doesn’t require you bid or adopt. It just gives you the option to do so.
  • You must apply HERE before August 5, 2023, and be approved to be able to BID on event horses, and you are encouraged to meet these horses beforehand while in training. 
  • Horses should be up to date on dental, farrier care and vaccines, and deworming. Unless requested in advance and paid for by the potential adopter (despite the outcome of the bid) Coggins and Health Certificates to leave the state will not be done in advance.
  • The Starting Bid will be determined by mid-July 2023. Horses will have a minimum starting bid of $1200. Ponies are yet to be determined. The value of training for these horses alone is over $2400 per horse. Preferred method of payment of the adoption fees is by credit card through our Adoption Portal, but we will accept check or cash. A 3% service fee will be added.
  • Adoption isn’t a sale. It works differently, but it is a process that is good for you and horses. When you adopt, you can compete with, show, love, trail ride and enjoy your horse. They cannot be bred. They cannot be sold or given away, though. They are adopted and must either be returned to the rescue if you change your mind or cannot keep the horse OR be rehomed through the rescue's rehoming policy which requires notification and a new contract.
  • Once you bid, you’ve entered a legally binding agreement. You cannot retract your bid. Should you opt to not complete the payment after bidding, you will not be considered in the future for adoption at GSH. Once you’ve made your payment, it is not refundable for any reason except during the contract’s 30 day trial period, and the horse must be returned to us.

  • Horses adopt under the Gentle Spirit Horses contract and adopters are subject to all adoption requirements. Be sure and review the policies and sample contract before bidding.

Please apply as soon as you know you’re interested.

Please try to arrange with the trainers to meet the horses before applying, if the trainers schedule allows. If you cannot, please try to meet the horse during the event.

Approved candidates can visit / ride the horses while in training and are encouraged to do so, if time allows. Please chat with the trainers, and the trainers will be very honest with you about the faults and the talents of the horses.