Meet #ShowdownTeamJack - Jack & Hailey Breth

August 11, 2023 Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue

Meet Jack, a 15-year-old, 15 hand QH gelding and his trainer, Hailey Breth of Hailey's Tune Ups and Finishing. #ShowdownTeamJack is competing in the Challenge Division of the 2023 Dakota Showdown Horse Trainer Challenge

Jack is a kind and friendly 15-year-old Quarter Horse (registered name Sonnys Zippo Pine Te) gelding who really likes attention. He is easy to be around and good for handling, though can be anxious and spooky occasionally though he has really worked on that in training. In the past he has been saddled and accepted a rider, but has been hesitant about it in training, so is finishing the Showdown with improved ground work and confidence but not yet under saddle. He will need further training or an experienced home to continue his education and to make him a riding horse.

Poor Jack is an "Average Jack" ... not a supermodel, not very athletic, but just an all around good friend. He's probably not going to stand out in any show rings, really doesn't show any speed for gaming, but will probably really enjoy hanging out, has a great neck to cry into, and would probably like long easy rides (once trained) where you just contemplate life together.



About Hailey Breth of Hailey's Tune Ups and Finishing

Hailey Breth, based in Avon, MN at Hailey's Tune Ups and Finishing, takes a patient and gentle approach when working with horses. She believes in building trust between horse and rider to ensure their safety. Hailey is inspired by the Clinton Anderson methods, but also believes that each horse has its own preferences and teaches her valuable lessons along the way.



About Jack's Ideal Adopter

Jack is looking for a kind, confident person who he can trust and depend on while continuing to build his confidence. He will need an experienced horse person or continued training to become a riding horse, but he more than makes up for it in loyalty when he's bonded to you. He can be a bit of a harder keeper in the winter so would appreciate a home that feeds additional grain as needed, and can be anxious about having his hind feet trimmed so also appreciates a kind, patient, but firm farrier.

Jack's History

Jack was part of a large neglect impoundment case out of Kingsbury County in the winter of 2016. He was locked in a stall along with three other stallions - one of which didn't make it before rescue and was left in the stall. He was by far in the worst shape of all the horses on the property, at a Body Condition Score of barely 1, and was not expected to survive. But survive he did! Once healthy he was gelded - during which he herniated and required surgery, again beating the odds and surviving. Jack struggled with insecurity and anxiety, causing him to be kept separate from the herd while the testosterone left his body, but now is a quiet and friendly member of most herds. Jack was adopted for a while, but unfortunately had a setback in his training and had to rebuild some confidence, so is not currently under saddle. This survivor is truly worth of a second chance, however! Will you be his new friend??

Adopt Jack at the Dakota Showdown Finale

The Dakota Showdown horses will be available for adoption under the Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue contract (or Little Hooves Miniature Horse Rescue contract for ponies KC, Diamond Dave, Belle and Tinkerbelle) to approved adopters through an online bidding process on August 12-13, 2023. The starting bid is $1200. Appointments to meet the horses you are interested in on August 12 are greatly encouraged. 



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